Custom-Made Orthotics

Learn More About Custom-Made Orthotics in Beaver Dam and Hardinsburg, KY

Custom orthotics are devices made specifically for patients’ feet, in order to optimize the alignment of the lower limb starting at the foot and translating to the ankle, shin, upper leg and pelvis. With improved alignment, custom-made orthotics help to improve efficiency and maximize shock absorption through the lower extremity, pelvis and spine.

Choosing the FASTECH System for our clinic allows us to deliver affordable relief to our patients. FASTECH orthotics and insoles are designed to make any patient more comfortable by reducing knee, hip, and lower back pain while also working to prevent injuries such as shin splints and plantar fasciitis.

A FASTECH custom orthotic is a directly formed supportive device that, when worn in shoes, positions the feet in proper biomechanical alignment. The orthotics are made to the specific contours and structural characteristics of the feet. The direct-mold pillow system is the key to our custom orthotics. The pillow system allows us to work directly with each foot to ensure a 100% custom fit. Unlike other time consuming, messy, or expensive processes, our system can produce a custom orthotic in just 30 minutes.


Are custom-made orthotics covered by my insurance?

No, but they are typically covered by a medical flex spending account.

Do I need special shoes?

No, but the better the shoe, the better the orthotic works.

Do I need a doctor’s order?


Will my orthotic have to be sent away to be made?

No Elite with directly mold the orthotic to your foot, post it and grind it in-house, while you wait. This ensures a true custom fit.

Do I have to have foot pain or a problem to benefit from orthotics?

Absolutely not! Everyone benefits from proper foot support. Age, weight and increased activity all create the need for better foot support. Most wearers immediately benefit from increased comfort.